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Quality is the key to customer satisfaction, and customer satisfaction is the key

to success.


The Central Role of Quality Management

Due to its supporting role in manufacturing, direct customer interaction, and close collaboration with the management, quality management holds a central position in business processes.


Achieving Results with State-of-the-Art Technology

In order to meet all measurement tasks and the highest requirements, we have a fully climate-controlled measurement room with extensive and state-of-the-art equipment. This includes 5 CNC coordinate measuring machines with up to 3 sensors (tactile, optical, and white light).


Everybody ́s doing it

As a company, we rely on the so-called worker self-inspection. As a result, our employees are closely involved in achieving our quality goals and thus contribute significantly to customer satisfaction. They are supported by our experienced quality assurance team through training and measurement programs.

Measurement Instrument Monitoring

The calibration and monitoring of over 1500 handheld measuring instruments are primarily carried out by certified partners, along with a small component of in-house calibration. This allows us to combine our commitment to high-quality measuring instruments with the professionalism of our partners.


ISO 9001

Thanks to our certification acquired in 2022, we have continued to advance our standards through targeted improvement measures and are thus able to successfully meet future challenges. In the spirit of the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP), we continuously optimize our structures and processes.



Data collection and documentation are becoming increasingly important in the era of Industry 4. 0. With the help of statistics and stored data, we can pinpoint areas for improvement. Upon request, we provide measurement protocols or other essential documents such as initial sample test reports to our customers.


If Something Goes Wrong...

... we use common QM tools such as the 8D report or the root cause analysis to determine the reasons and communicate with our customers the further course of action. A sustainable way of working is particularly important to us in order to exclude repetitive errors in the long term.

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