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Our Services

Your reliable partner for CNC part manufacturing up to complete assemblies

Construction and Design

With state-of-the-art CAD workstations, we are capable of designing customized parts and assemblies for you. We are always at your side and are happy to support you with new designs in order to implement your visions in the best possible way.


Quality is our top priority: with an extensive range of machinery for the inspection of your parts, we ensure the highest precision and


Processing Software

We use state-of-the-art 2D/3D data preparation and software to process your customer-specific data at the highest level.


Our machining centers are characterized a powerful counter spindle and driven tools that allow a maximum diameter of 100 mm and a

maximum length of 300 mm.

Surface Treatment

We provide you with the opportunity to enhance your products through certified external partners in close proximity, offering a variety of finishes and processes such as anodizing, powder coating, chemical nickel plating, Tenifer, hardening, passivation, or other special coatings.


Our range of services includes the manufacturing of fully assembled components, consisting of both in-house production and components

provided by the customer. This allows us to offer you a holistic solution and simplify the procurement process for you.


Our focus is on the production of highly precise parts through turning and milling of high-performance plastics and aluminum alloys.

Whether it's prototypes, individual parts, or series productions, we manufacture for you flexibly and with expertise in a wide range of materials.

Assembly and Shipping

We not only ensure a smooth process in assembling your components and modules but also guarantee a timely delivery. Our team relieves

you professionally and reliably.


In order to meet the requirements of our customers, we rely on the high-performance precision of modern 3- and 5-axis machining centers

with a maximum working range of 800mm.

Laser Marking

For the marking of components, we use a precise laser marking system with a working range of 380 mm X 150 mm.

Quality Management

With the help of our tactile and optical measuring machines, we create comprehensive documentation and detailed measurement protocols

in accordance with ISO 9001. This ensures that your quality requirements are always met.



Model Construction
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