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FTZ Intership

FTZ Fräs- und Technologiezentrum is an innovative and future-oriented company that specializes in the production of high-precision milled and turned parts. Thanks to our many years of experience and the highest quality standards, we are a reliable partner in this segment.

Internship for Pupils and Students in the Field of Industrial Mechanic for Precision Instrument Manufacturing

Are you interested in an internship at our company?

As an industrial mechanic specializing in precision instrument manufacturing, you will have the opportunity to work with various machines and produce complex components. You will learn how to operate and program CNC milling and turning machines to manufacture precise and high- quality parts.


During your internship, you will have the chance to collaborate closely with experienced professionals and benefit from their knowledge. You will learn how to read technical drawings, use tools correctly, and perform machine maintenance. It is essential to work carefully and precisely, as accuracy is of great importance in this field.


An internship as an industrial mechanic can provide valuable insights into the working world and help you achieve your career goals. It is a challenging but rewarding activity that opens up many opportunities for a successful career.

If you are interested in an internship at our company, please contact us via email or phone. A formal application is not required.

Fräs- und Technologiezentrum GmbH

Daxa 11

83112 Frasdorf

+49 (0) 80 32 98 83 00

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